Design the Next iPhone

Looking for Design the Next iPhone? Design the Next iPhone is a free simulation game from Neal Agarwal that allows you to make an iPhone. In this simulator you have the power to to create your customized 3D chassis, drag and drop items like cameras, buttons, and ports, and even choose options as unique as a cup holder or a Pro Wheel, discover the ultimate design the next iphone.

How to play Design the Next iPhone

Neal Agarwal created a groundbreaking interactive experience to give Apple fans a chance to participate in creating the company’s next big hit. “Design the Next iPhone”. Once you’ve finished customizing your creation, Neal Agarwal allows you to output it into an animated video. With Neal Agarwal’s creative interactive capabilities, fans can help Tim Cook design Apple’s next masterpiece.

Rules in make an Iphone

 Design the Next iPhone simulator allows you to customize a flat chassis base by dragging and dropping a series of elements. Features include cameras, buttons, ports, and logos familiar to fans of Apple products. But some more playful options include a click wheel, antennae, Pro Wheel, googly eyes, and even a cup holder. When you’re finished with your creation, you can even output the design as a simple animated video.

Play Design the Next iPhone

This site helps you to take matters into your own hands and design your own version of an iPhone. Discover the ultimate design the next iphone. Are you ready to design the next iPhone?

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