How to Make Sailor Moon in Infinite Craft

Looking for how to Make Sailor Moon in Infinite Craft? Infinite Craft is a free simulation game from Neal Agarwal that allows you to combine two elements together. You can create nearly anything and everything you could think of in Infinite Craft, including the iconic anime known as Sailor Moon. Learn how to make one using this handy guide.

Within the diverse array of possibilities within Infinite Craft lies the cherished anime, Sailor Moon. Should you seek to manifest this element in the game, your initial step involves crafting the two essential components required for fusion. This entails following a precise crafting recipe, incorporating a multitude of elements to cultivate the desired concept..

Sailor Moon Infinite Craft

In Infinite Craft, crafting Sailor Moon requires a fusion of the Anime and Moon elements. However, each element comes with its own crafting recipe, necessitating careful navigation to unveil the desired item. Should you require additional assistance in deciphering each step of the process, the instructions below offer comprehensive guidance. From beginning to end, everything is meticulously outlined, as if embarking on a new game armed only with the basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind to solve how to Make Sailor Moon in Infinite Craft.

How to Make Anime in Infinite Craft

There are a number of different ways players can discover Anime in Infinite Craft. However, the easiest and fastest way to do so is by following the sequence of combinations listed below:

Element 1Element 2Solution

How to Make Moon in Infinite Craft

Once they’ve discovered Love, players can move on to the next ingredient required to create a Girlfriend: Best Friend. Discovering Best Friend takes a bit longer than Love, but the end result is worth it. Players can follow the sequence of combinations listed below to create Best Friend:

Element 1Element 2Solution

Thats it! You can now combine Moon and Anime to get Sailor Moon. However, the crafting doesn’t have to end there, as you can now use Sailor Moon to create even more characters and references from the show. Here are a few that have been discovered by pairing Sailor Moon with various other elements.

Make All Sailor Moon in Infinite Craft

Element 1Element 2Solution
Sailor MoonFireSailor Mars
Sailor MoonWindSailor Jupiter
Sailor MoonWaterSailor Mercury
Sailor MoonEveSailor Venus
Sailor MoonUniverseSailor Cosmos

Play Infinite Craft

Play infinite craft for free with no limit on daily games and manage to create the multiple hidden items that this viral game has.

If you want steps to make more special items in Infinite Craft, tell us in comments and we will explain more tips for new items.

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