How to Make Goku in Infinite Craft

Looking for how to Make Goku in Infinite Craft? Infinite Craft is a free simulation game from Neal Agarwal that allows you to combine two elements together. You can create nearly anything and everything you could think of in Infinite Craft, including Goku or other characters like Vegeta. Learn how to make one using this handy guide.

Infinite Craft is a representative of the Alchemy games family. In it, you have to combine basic elements to create new, more advanced ones. Therefore, next, we will guide you on how to make Goku in Infinite Craft.

Goku Infinite Craft

Undoubtedly, Goku stands as one of the mightiest characters across all anime franchises. Surprisingly, despite his immense strength, you can create him quite easily using just four basic elements.

How to Make Goku in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft gives you the power to create literally anything. And the best thing is that you can use different methods. Speaking of Goku, you will probably think that you will need to somehow create Anime in Infinite Craft first. However, the easiest and fastest way to do so is by following the sequence of combinations listed below:

Element 1Element 2Resulting Element
CyborgDragonDragon Ball Z
WindDragon Ball ZGoku

Goku Recipes

Once Goku joins your collection, a plethora of possibilities related to the Dragon Ball franchise opens up. By combining Goku with a selection of basic elements, you can create numerous items. While some combinations may yield familiar results, the key lies in experimentation; the more you explore, the greater the chance of discovering something novel. Here are several options showcasing how you can utilize Goku within Infinite Craft:

Element 1Element 2Resulting Element
GokuCyborgSuper Saiyan
GokuShenronDragon Ball
ShenronDragon BallWish

How to make Dragon Ball Z ▶️ PLAY CRAFTLE

Play Infinite Craft

Play infinite craft for free with no limit on daily games and manage to create the multiple hidden items that this viral game has.

If you want steps to make more special items in Infinite Craft, tell us in comments and we will explain more tips for new items.

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