Looking for Shikaku? This game also known as Rectangles, Divide by Box, or Square-it is a logic puzzle game where the objective is to partition a grid into rectangles, each containing exactly one number. The number represents the area of the rectangle, and the goal is to create non-overlapping rectangles that cover the entire grid. We are going to explain to you what the shikaku game consists of, how to download it and why play shikaku online.

Push your mind to its limit with this  logic game. Every day, will challenge you with a new puzzle.

How to play Shikaku

You have to divide the grid into rectangular and square pieces such that each piece contains exactly one number, and that number represents the area of the rectangle.

  • Desktop: Click and drag to draw a rectangle. Right click to remove a rectangle.
  • Mobile: Select a starting point then press where you want to draw a rectangle. Press and hold to remove a rectangle.

Shikaku Online

This game doesn’t have a true mobile app. However, you can add still add link on your home screen.

You can play sikaku online here 👇

Alternatives to Shikaku:

We leave you some alternatives to shikaku game:

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Shikaku?

The game Shikaku is an addictive logic puzzle where you fill a grid with numbers, dividing the area into rectangles based on numerical clues, challenging your puzzle-solving skills.

How do you play Shikaku?

To play the Shikaku puzzle, you must fill a grid with numbers. Each number indicates how many cells the rectangle containing that number should have. Rectangles cannot overlap, and you must fill the entire grid following these rules.

How many puzzles of Shikaku are there?

The game Shikaku has various variants and grid sizes, resulting in a variety of types of Shikaku. Some popular versions include Shikaku 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, and more. Each variant presents a unique challenge and requires different strategies.