Asteroid Launcher Simulator

Looking for Asteroid Launcher Simulator? Asteroid Launcher is a free simulation game from Neal Agarwal that allows you to envision the aftermath of an asteroid crash. In this simulator you have the power to simulate the impact of asteroids on Earth. Design your very own asteroid and witness its effects on the population.

“Experience the power of an asteroid impact with the Asteroid Launcher game. Design and launch asteroids, simulate their effects on Earth’s population!”

How to play Asteroid Launcher Simulator

It provides players with a map that they can use to pinpoint where they want the asteroid to land and see which areas will be affected by the crash. Asteroid Launcher is a unique game that’s not like your typical simulation titles. It makes use of scientific predictions to determine the possible amount of damage different asteroids of varying sizes could create, as well as how they can impact cities around them. 

Rules in Asteroid Launcher Simulator

Players have the option to launch their own asteroids, customizing their type, size, speed, and angle, each of which significantly influences the impact on the selected area. Following the launch, a comprehensive breakdown of the asteroid’s effects becomes available, encompassing details such as the crater’s size, potential damage from its fireball, shock wave intensity, wind speed, and the potential magnitude of an earthquake.

For a more accurate simulation of the aftermath of an asteroid crash akin to your chosen scenario, the simulation provides detailed information. This includes insights into the potential impact on people, identifying areas susceptible to more significant damage. The simulator grants users the freedom to simulate numerous crashes, fostering a deeper understanding of the potential consequences.

It’s important to note that the simulator does not support location searches on the map. Users must manually navigate the app to locate and designate the impact area. However, the map compensates with detailed visuals, especially when zooming in, offering a closer look at the surrounding areas.

Asteroid Launcher tool

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Play Asteroid Launcher Simulator

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