The Auction Game

Looking for The Auction Game? This is an interactive game that challenges players to guess the painting prices of famous works sold at auction. Let’s dive into the world of the popular TV show “The Price Is Right”. In the auction Game, you must use fundamental market research and analysis skills to guess the price accurately – but Auction Game requires way more hard work and dedication than its glitzy TV counterpart.

The Auction Game is a game where you have to guess the prices of paintings sold at auction.

How to play The Auction Game

Auction Game is as accurate and immersive as possible, giving users a realistic opportunity to understand the values of artworks sold in an auction. The Auction Game is a game on where you try guess prices of paintings and models, the closer you are, the more points you get. 1000 points maximum 0 minimum.

Play Auction Game

Why not turn Auction Game into a social or personal challenge? Organize a The Price Is Right game with friends or engage in a solo session of game creation. Challenge yourself with a a prices quiz using your mind. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination!

The Challenge of The Price Is Right game

The Auction Game is a game at where you have to guess the prices of expensive things. The closer you guess, the higher points you earn.

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